It was a pleasure and honor to be a Panelist Speaker at the ASF TALKS 2022

Technology and high quality human connections

How can we use technology for our mental health and more inner peace?


Sofía Gómez Díaz Barreiro (class of 2009) has a Specialty in Gestalt Human Development, (by Gestalt Psychotherapy Humanist Institute) EFT TAPPING Certification (by CTAA Institute) and ThetaHealing Certification (by ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge) Among other post graduates, courses and trainings in the mental health specturm. She is a professionist, mother, wife, and mental health lover. Sofía has been Speaker in Women´s Weekend Latin America Congress, In the COACHES POR MÉXICO Congress, as well as in events and webinars in different Schools and Universities in Mexico.

Sofía is passionate about personal growth and mental health. Believes in our infinite potential as human beings, and has the mission to create more depth, fullness, and empowerment through self-responsibility, love and self-acceptance.  She integrates different methodologies and tools like EFT TAPPING  to help people feel, think, perform and BE their BEST.

Here are Some of the points and themes I talked about.

We can use social media and tech to feel better, to have more inner peace, mental health, confidence and enjoy more our life , that’s why were here for , to enjoy the ride and live in peace

We can use the Digital Revolution in our Human Experience and make the best of what technology offers

Let’s make sense of ourselves, our relationships, and our reality

We can have incredible changes Professionally, personally, spiritually, collectively,

We can use using technology to get closer to people , improve our relationship’s quality to learn from experts from all around th e world, connect with the best guides

Use digital humanity as a positive tool for our MENTAL HEALTH,

We va no Eliminate The generational divide and unite as one

Show our  true identity and learning to be you

Share motivational content for spiritual growth

+ Innovation on meditation, tapping, and many other techniques that can be massively shared online to help build better individuals with a stronger and more peaceful mental health, this contributing to a better

Sofía Gómez Díaz Barreiro


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